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Executive Portraits
Corporate Annual Report Photography
Executive Portraits_35_9_2007_14_41_9.jpgExecutive Portraits_85_9_2007_14_41_51.jpgExecutive Portraits_Img_00426_28_2007_15_17_48.jpgExecutive Portraits_660300016_28_2007_15_6_13.jpgExecutive Portraits_45_9_2007_14_41_22.jpgExecutive Portraits_105_9_2007_14_40_58.jpgExecutive Portraits_65_9_2007_14_42_1.jpgExecutive Portraits_75_9_2007_14_42_14.jpg
Executive Portraits_95_9_2007_14_42_33.jpgExecutive Portraits_25_9_2007_14_42_46.jpgExecutive Portraits_115_9_2007_14_42_55.jpgExecutive Portraits_135_9_2007_14_43_4.jpgExecutive Portraits_145_9_2007_14_43_12.jpgExecutive Portraits_125_9_2007_14_43_24.jpgExecutive Portraits_165_9_2007_14_43_39.jpgExecutive Portraits_195_9_2007_14_44_20.jpg
Executive Portraits_185_9_2007_14_44_30.jpgExecutive Portraits_155_9_2007_14_44_39.jpgExecutive Portraits_215_9_2007_14_45_4.jpgExecutive Portraits_660300055_15_2007_12_43_53.jpgExecutive Portraits_Copy (1) ofHERMAN6_28_2007_15_7_23.jpgExecutive Portraits_Copy (1) ofImg_00356_28_2007_15_8_6.jpgExecutive Portraits_Img_00496_28_2007_15_24_30.jpg 
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Corporate & Editorial Photography
Richard Lanenga becomes part of your team when he works with you to capture the photographic and visual elements that lead to successful corporate and editorial photography. During his years as the staff photographer for a Fortune 500 organization in suburban Chicago, he learned how important it is to gain a visual understanding of the subject being photographed by using both light and composition.


These techniques create compelling visual statements that have become the standard for Mr. Lanenga as he works with clients worldwide on corporate & annual reports, marketing brochures and other advertising pieces. He also handles low altitude aerial photography, the images of management and employees on location and CEO portraiture. All film formats are offered to clients, including digital capture.

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